22 to 28 March 2k19 | Prompts

22 March

“The fight is about to begin!”

23 March

A: “Life is not all about winning and losing.”

B: “Of course. It’s just about winning!”

24 March

“Trying one’s best is not enough, especially if the name of your family is on the line.”

25 March

Year: 3337

Population: Hasn’t been known since late 2019

Location: Unknown

Situation: Deadly

26 March

“You can call me, Angel. No, that’s not my real name, but I will make sure to keep you safe while we’re together.”

27 March

It started with 20 people. Now, there are ten and soon there will be five and much later there will just be one.

28 March

The march to a better future will soon commence.

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