Not a restriction, seriously | Being a writer

It’s about that time of the year when I post a good rant.

It’s been long Lovelies, but I just came from Wattpad and that platform just keeps on falling from my Best website list.

Everyone is already aware, but I’ll recap for y’all. Wattpad got a freaking makeover! There’s somewhere on their website where they explain what it all means, and it’s all great. It’s aweworthy to see how they changed their whole brand to incorporate the fanbase into their new design. But here’s the thing, it’s too freaking bright!

But, that is not what I am here for today. Today, I want to touch a bit on that one post about language restrictions that I wrote about two years ago.

It’s been two years already, like wow.

I am a judge for a couple of contests on Wattpad, and as much as I want to read people’s stories and support new writers, it’s becoming harder by the chapter.

People’s books are not bad. The plotlines make sense, but I think some people tell themselves that that’s all they need to have a good story.

Cough, excuse me, grammar is even more of a need. If the grammar is bad, I will stop reading your story. If in the description you wrote, “English is not my mother tongue” then that’s your own problem. English is not my mother tongue either, and I will not read your story.

This may come off as rude to others, but it’s been two years and Wattpadians still have the same tendencies.

I like reading stories, especially good fanfiction, but sometimes I feel like writers, especially fanfiction writers, don’t take writing seriously.

I’ve read my stories, thought that they were good and then posted them, only to go back to them two months later and want to delete them. That happens, and this post is not for those people.

This post is for the people who keep on giving excuses about their mother tongue. Those writers know that they have grammatical errors in their stories, but they are doing nothing to fix that.

Instead of “English is not my mother tongue,” try saying “English is not my mother tongue, constructive criticism is welcome.”

At least then we know that you are trying very hard to make your book better.

I hope that this post reaches the right people and this rant was not for nothing. Please share and help those in need.

Let’s share good stories.


What do you think about this? Do you find it okay when people use English not being their mother tongue as an excuse? Am I really just ranting for no reason?

Your thoughts.

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