We all lose motivation | Writing tips

Motivation is the one thing I hate the most in writing. Why, you ask. Because it’s not permanent.

Unlike the initial idea, motivation comes and goes. Ideas are there. They will be in your head while you’re doing your day to day activities. They will build up on each other, even while you are sleeping. Ideas are wonderful.

Motivation… That’s the work of the devil. I watched something either last year, or the year before that, whereby one guy said that motivation was not a thing. If you rely on motivation then you won’t get any work done. And damn was I inspired, but for like a second.

After a while I was like, what was that guy saying? Because what he said, as it sunk in more and more, made no sense to me.

I’ve been dependent on motivation for the longest of times. To write a speech in high school, I’d think of similar situations that I’ve experienced or something I’ve seen or heard of before, then I’d be motivated to write.

Most of the stories that I wrote, I got inspiration from past experiences or from other stories or songs. All the ideas in my head and the sole idea of writing a book that millions will love motivated me to write great books.

So yes, motivation is a thing, and it’s alive and well.

So here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. How does one go about getting back lost motivation?

The simple answer to that is, no one has an answer to that. Motivation comes and goes.

Not the answer you’re looking for?

Well, as a writer, you should write even when there’s no motivation. In all honesty, having motivation for e.g. 30 chapters+ is close to impossible. Sometimes you get motivation for just the first five chapters, but then it suddenly vanishes, it comes back 10 chapters later, and then disappears again.

My best advice, if you’re writing and let’s say another idea pops into your heard, write that idea down in your notebook and then you’ll see it later. Carry on writing and maybe you might even incorporate the idea into your current story instead of starting a new one.

What kills us the most as writers is that when the creative juices start flowing, so do ideas. New ones, old ones, more and more and more ideas, and that can get overwhelming. I get it.

The reason most stories are still not complete, gathering dust on a folder in my laptop is because those were the ideas I got while writing other stories. Those ideas are easy to spot because they usually have no more than ten chapters, and they most likely never get past the inciting incident.

So carry around a notebook, or use an app, it’s 2019, and write down all those ideas. They won’t go anywhere, so for the meanwhile, focus on what you are writing now.

Listen to music and podcasts and watch a movie every once in a while. Motivation comes and goes, so stop pondering over an idea and do something else if the motivation vanishes all of a sudden.

Take a break, don’t be so serious. Writing is all about having fun. Remember that.

Your thoughts.

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