Not a good writer. | Being a writer

I have been told, a while ago, that my grammar needs to be tweaked. I was told to read more, so that I can actually understand when I make little grammatical errors. And that made me realise that I am not as good of a writer as I had thought.

I write, almost as much as I breathe (that is such a lie). I read, not as much as I am supposed to.

I fell out of love with reading during high-school. I don’t know why. I can come up with any excuses, but in the end it was probably because I became lazy. That is the only reasonable answer. I became too lazy and forgot what actually makes a writer…a writer.

I read whenever I manage to find a good book. I hate bad books with bad plotlines and that don’t make sense. Because of that, I became picky about what to read. I started judging books by just their synopsis and sometimes even how big it was.

I really want to say that I hate who I have become, but I don’t. I really don’t. I know that it is possible to change, for me to improve and hone my craft. What my mentor told me was not wrong. My grammar is offish. I do need to improve it, along with my writing in general.

This is probably a lot of other writers’ problem as well. I want to believe that I am not the only writer who fell out of love with reading, but wants to climb back onto the wagon again.

Will reading make me any more of a writer? Probably. We’ll see in the long run.

For now, I will challenge myself to read, at least, a chapter a day or 3 articles a day.

I think it’s a good challenge, especially for this out of tune writer.

Your thoughts.

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