3 Books & 3 Weeks Pt.1 | Reviews

“I haven’t been reading.”

“I don’t read anymore.”

“I prefer watching K-dramas over actual reading.”

These are lines that I have said over and over again and I’ve used them as an excuse. I always thought, I told readers already, so I don’t need to explain further. I don’t need to make any book reviews for the meanwhile and maybe even for a bit longer.

Saturday, 18 May 2019, was the day that everything changed.

I woke up at 8a.m., a time expected on weekends. I can’t get myself to wake up any later than 9, but when I wake up any earlier than 6, you best believe I’m going back to sleep.

So I woke up, wasted away a few hours on K-dramas and then hurried to go to the bank before they closed. After a visit to the bank, always a pleasant one, it was just past midday and I had some time to waste. On the previous week, I went to a walk and spent a fair amount of time contemplating if I should buy or not buy food in South Africa’s classiest supermarket. I bought and then I went broke. But I walked non-the-less and I had energy I never before imagined (a bit of an exaggeration there).

So, I decided to once again walk, but this time to the library!

Was it a good decision?

Yes. I managed to borrow three books that I have three weeks to read and enjoy. Also, I have three to four weeks worth of content!

With me, I have three books from three different genres. Every week I will review them and tell you what I, as a writer and returning reader, think of them.

As I write this I am already past the 100th page of one of the books. It’s very refreshing as a book to start my reading journey with, and I honestly can’t wait to share the reviews with you all.

Get ready Lovelys, a new adventure is about to commence!

Three books & three genres
The synopses for three different worlds

Your thoughts.

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