What happened last night?

It was painful. It was sweaty. It was slow and then fast and then slow again. It was loud.

It was a blissful night.

I was aching everywhere when I woke up. I pouted, ready to be the whiney bitch that I always was.

What good would it be if I cried when there was no one to hold me in their arms if I broke down? I decided that a hot shower might do me good.

When I got out my phone was ringing. I picked it up and balanced it between my ear and shoulder.


“Good morning,” my person said on the end of the line. I smiled when hearing his voice.

“More like painful morning.”

He chuckled. “Sorry about that. I was too hard on you. It was your first time too.”

“It could have been worse.” I struggled with putting on the towel around my head while on the phone.

“I like your positivity.”

I wanted to scowl so badly, but his voice alone sent butterflies to my stomach and what felt like a hairball in my throat.

“Thank you.” He added. “For doing that with me. I would like us to do it again, but I know how much pain you must be in.”

“We can do it when I start feeling like a normal human again.”

“Sorry,” I could hear his pout through the phone. “Next time I’ll be slower.”

“Mmm.” I smiled, holding my phone on the other ear. I had finished putting on the towel. “I enjoyed it, though. I really did.”

“I know you did.”

“What will you be doing today?” I curiously asked, plopping down onto my bed.

“Thinking about you.”

I scoffed. “That’s the cringiest line yet.”

He chuckled. “Sorry. But I’ll be coming over to nurse you, baby. Wait for me.”

“Okay.” He said goodbye and then hung up, leaving me in a dazed expression. I really wanted to see him. I couldn’t wait, especially since he would be taking care of me.

I stood up from the bed, carefully walking to make tea in the Kitchen. My body ached everywhere, but it was worth it.

Last night my boyfriend helped me through my first workout routine in ten years.

It was hard, but he made it so fun that I forgot I was even working out. Until this morning that is.

This story of mine is also published on my Tumblr secondary blog, Grey Tiny. Give it a visit to see some of the stories which I claim to write daily, when in reality I try to write daily.

Being a writer

Love Triangles: Why people hate them. | Being a writer

I also don’t know.

I love love triangles. If well executed they will pull me in and I will surely read or watch the story till the end. Poorly executed love triangles make me hate love. True story.

It all depends on how they are written and what the character who is liked by the two interests does about it. Here are some examples of well prosecuted love triangles that I always fall for.

1. I know what I want!

This is the character who has two people who are interested in them. Let’s say the girl is loved by two (usually) different guys. We’ll call them B and C. This character knows who they like and seldom get swayed by the other. They usually like B and if C tries to win them over, they will just pull them into the friend zone.

It’s kinda sad always having to see C get pushed to the side, but having a lead who knows what they want shows that the character can make their own decisions and are human too.

Just imagine liking someone who say they like you, but they also like someone else and they are not sure who to choose? That person honestly sounds like a jerk. Leave and go buy a life sized teddy instead. You deserve it.

2. I’ve been swayed!

This one slightly contradicts my last point.

This is where the main character is liked by B but they actually like C. The main character will do anything for C, but don’t realise that C likes someone else. Or worse, they see them like a sibling. Usually B will chase after the main character until they manage to sway them. By the time C realises that they also like the main it will be too late.

Why do I like this so much? Maybe its because the saying “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” is personalised. C does not realised what they had until the main has chosen B, who has always been there for them.

It’s sweet. Two live happily ever after, while one tries to move on from the person that they loved too late.

3: What’s a confession?

Ah, we’ll make this one the last one. Here the main chracter is madly in love with C and C is madly in love with the main, but they never end up together. Neither get the guts to confess and so when B comes in and serenades the main, then they fall because they think of C as someone special and then as a sibling.

It always annoys me since the two usually have been in love since childhood but because they are scared of confessing, one of them ends up giving up and going to someone else.

I live for love triangles. Well written ones make me wish for more when they become resolved and the characters find their true love. Some make me cringe and want to get a break from romance forever.

As a writer, I try to explore how to make my love triangles appealing and how to kill my reader with feels and appropriate characters.

Do you have any favourite love triangles or romance tropes? Or do you just hate love triangles all together? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and maybe we’ll talk about it in the next post.


A note from her | Poetry


at least once

and realise

what you’ve done wrong.



Carry on

with the life

we could have shared.



away from

the problems

piling up.


Don’t wait

for me.

Not that

you were planning to.


Live well.

My final

wish to you

as I stand on the edge.


It was fun.

No. Not really.

I only suffered

as you blamed it on love.


Close my eyes.

Count to three.

And allow oblivion

to swallow me whole.


Stay happy.

Don’t blame yourself.

It was all my fault

for trusting too much.



In our next lives

I hope we never meet,

I hope I am happy.




Becoming a murderer | Gtl writing tips

Every writer will see the headline of this post and go “Ah…” because we’ve all been in the situation where we have to choose if we should kill a character and how. I mean, finding a way to kill my characters is what I live for, but sometimes it becomes pretty obvious that the killing is not necessary.

Since I’ve been on hiatus since the beginning of the year, I will be coming back with this refreshing post about murder. It’s my pleasure in advance.

I am writing a story where I have an option to kill either one character or two. Both characters will have a big impact on the main character’s life and if either dies, life would be hell for the main.

With these options I can decide on how high I am on the evil author scale. I can be at the very bottom and kill no one (lol what) or I can be slightly higher and only kill one. Or I can be the ultimate evil author, the one where readers end up in balls of life contemplation at the end of their books. Yeah, that one.

But honestly, I would rather make my characters suffer only for them to be happy later on. If I killed both the characters then the main will be in too much misery to move on with the remainder of his life.

That is one point I have. When you want to kill a character you should think of the reasons to do so. Is it necessary? Will it make some’s life improve or will it make a character start to see the world differently? Will it turn the character into the villain that we all need?

Killing shouldn’t just be done for the reason of killing (no matter how fun) but should be put into serious consideration. Gosh I’m starting to sound like a doctor. I’ve always thought about that when I want to kill a character. I’ve also seen it on social media a lot.

How will killing someone in your story make it progress?

Everything happens for a reason. This great life advice also helps when you are writing a story. Make it reasonable. Kill within reason.

Don’t just throw lightning at a character for the sake of them dying.

Think it through and make sure your writing leaves a good impact on your readers.

Before this starts sounding like a How to murder 101 class, let’s end it here. If you have any questions about your characters, please leave it in the comments below and I will come back to you, or better; write a post about it!

Being a writer

I finally completed Call her Jagiya | Being a writer

Just finished writing my Wattpad story, Call her Jagiya. I’m so conflicted right now. I don’t want this to be the last time that I see my characters, but I know that carrying on with the series will ruin the overall story and I don’t want that.

The thing about writing is that I get really attached to my characters and letting go is not in my vocab.

So I will be leaving this story, only coming back for the reread and rewrite a few more times.

But I am proud of myself because I managed to finish this daunting story. I tried so hard to make it as good as the prequel and first book. I made my stories so that they can be able to stand on their own and be readable without any of the other stories. They all evolve around one character, Thanda, whom I love very much btw, on her journey to becoming happy again.

It sounds pretty mundane, but to me that plotline is everything. I put my heart and soul into the story and I hope that when people get the chance to read it, they like it as much as I do. They can understand the protagonist’s struggle to be happy and to try to live a normal life.

I guess we can say she is based on me. I’m sad about half of the time and I wanted a character that reflected me in that way. In writing a character who goes through a lot of what I go through (and worse, since I am evil) and end up happy in the end makes me believe that I too will someday end up happy and smiling as brightly as my characters at the end of the story.

Any Q’s about story writing? Leave them in the ask section and I will answer as honestly as I can.


When there’s too much on your plate | Gtl writing tips

Starting a blog is easy. Just think of an idea, put it in writing and then publish.

Writing a book is even easier. Same concept but it gets more complicated when it comes to publishing.

What about YouTube?

My daily life consists of me trying to convince myself that I am great at multitasking and starting a new project when I know I already have enough. My brain seems to think that I am some kind of superhero that can do all the things that I really can’t manage all at once. For example, starting another blog, or starting a YouTube channel, and writing ten novels all at the same time, and learning a new language!

This is what most of last year consisted of.

It took me a while to figure out that I had too much on my plate and that a few had to go.

As a creative, I find it very difficult to stay idle. My brain likes to keep busy (although my Tumblr addiction can say otherwise), learn new things and just not rest. Which is the reason for today’s blog.

Being creative is hard. It’s very difficult to try to force your brain to stop doing what it does best. Which is to think, to come up with new ideas, to create. So instead of working you brain overtime and doing so many things that you get both physically and mentally exhausted, here’s what I did to release some mental pressure and to get myself more creative in the new year.

Priority check.

Since it was pretty obvious that the many things that I was doing were making it hard for me to improve what I liked. I started neglecting what I actually loved. My writing started to feel terrible and my blogging started lagging.

So what I did was think really hard about what I saw as a priority. What what the most important for me and what wasn’t. So I put the idea of being a YouTuber aside and decided to concentrate on my writing.

Now, the only worries I have are about what I should be posting on my blog and whether or not I should be killing a character. I just realised that I am much less stressed out now about making everything work out online because I am not trying to do everything all at once.

I think that later on I will start a YouTube channel, but right now I will be improving my writing skills and writing high quality blogs.

Do what has to be done.

And that is planning.

I will be dead honest, I hate planning. I hate having to sit down and thinking about the future when I can be thinking about now.

Scribbling, erasing, screaming, researching, repeat. That is my process for writing. Both my stories and my blogs.

Researching is the worst, especially since Google never has what I am looking for when I am looking for it. And the library is too far away and the sun is scorching! So yeah, the researching part is what drains me more than anything. But I do it anyways.

I jot my ideas down and try to make sense of what was in my head. I use about ten percent of the ideas that I write down, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll put the ideas away and then later on I’ll find one of the other ideas to be useful.

I know it’s daunting.

Turning your ideas into art. Trying to prove to people that you love what you do and what you do is what you want.
Writing blogs for me is scary because there are times when they don’t receive the reaction that I had expected. The number of people that saw the post are way less than I had anticipated. That brings me down when I feel the most motivated, but I still don’t stop. I tell myself that someday someone will realise how hard I am trying and all this doubt will disappear.

Facing your fears and showing the world (even just your family) what you love can be difficult. The process to find out what you really enjoy doing can be just as difficult. So remember to never give up.

If you like doing more than one thing at once, just like me, and it is exhausting you then try to follow these simple steps to improving what you love and achieving all of your goals.

If you can manage doing many things at once without stressing, then I applaud you.