Fake | Poetry

Fake, it’s what they call me

I smile too much

I laugh a lot

I am too friendly

I should stop

being fake


But I was my true self

the me that made me happy

The me that made others happy

But they said I should stop


So I did


A note from her | Poetry


at least once

and realise

what you’ve done wrong.



Carry on

with the life

we could have shared.



away from

the problems

piling up.


Don’t wait

for me.

Not that

you were planning to.


Live well.

My final

wish to you

as I stand on the edge.


It was fun.

No. Not really.

I only suffered

as you blamed it on love.


Close my eyes.

Count to three.

And allow oblivion

to swallow me whole.


Stay happy.

Don’t blame yourself.

It was all my fault

for trusting too much.



In our next lives

I hope we never meet,

I hope I am happy.



Advice, Poetry

How to poem | Gtl writing tips

I consider myself to be a poet, but that’s what all writers considers themselves. Am I right?

No, but seriously. It was a while before I decided that I could write some decent poetry. I remember my father once found one of my poems insulting since I technically outed parents everywhere (I was still in primary school mind you) and I lost motivation for a while.

When I was in grade eight, I made a friend who taught me how to rhyme. It was very helpful and addicting for a while. I got more confident in the poems that I wrote and I started to enjoy writing again.

So you’re wondering how to poem like a pro? Here’s a tip from a self proclaimed poet.


That’s all for this post…

J.K. But that is part of the tip. If you want to write great poetry, just write. Don’t say you can’t write meaningful lines. Don’t say you can’t rhyme. Don’t say you can’t. Period.

What you say will happen. That’s what I was taught. I was told never to say negative things because if I say it, it will happen. So instead of saying negative things just say “I can poem” or at least “I’ll try my best”. That way you’ll be positive about it and you’ll be able to write much easier.

So what if there is someone who can write an award winning poem in one sitting? Well, there are others who take days, months even to finish their master piece. Writing poetry is not easy, but with a positive attitude it is doable.

My tip to all aspiring poets is to write.

That’s all I have to say.


Let’s just say | Poetry

Let’s just say that you were never here,
I never met you,
You never existed.

Or let’s say I never saw your smile,
I never heard your laugh,
I never heard your voice.

Wow that would be sad,
That would be a shame.
For the only reason my life has colour
Is because of your smile
That lit my world up
And gave me a reason to live.

“Yeah, that sounds about right.
A love poem you’d call it.
More reason for me to be faceless,
I’d say”


Hi there | Poetry

This is me expressing myself


Hi there!

Have you been seeing me

Standing by your side,

All of this time?

Or are you just choosing

To ignore me

And our past memories?


Hello there!

Gosh, you have grown

Different from who you were.

Different from who I know.


Whats up, howzit?

Do you even remember

The smiles

The laughs

And the tears shared?



Because that is what

You are good at.


Me in shambles

With no regrets.


I’m sorry,

Something you never learnt to say,

Something you never found necessary,

Something I wish you could have said.

At least once. At least twice.

At least whenever you hurt me.


The dislike I have for you

I do not like you, nor do I like the way that you were brought up.

You seem to think that all you do is god-like

when in reality you’re just messed up,

screwed up, inhuman, filled with unnecessary spite.


You know how much you’ve hurt me and those I love

and for that, I can never find it in myself to forgive you.

You know by now how much of you we are sick of.

So stop sticking to us like some glue.


Hate is such a bad word. A terrible one that I feel guilty of using

even to a person as vile as you.

What are you doing?

Butting into others’ lives just to make them blue.


The fact that someone like you managed to be spewed into existence

goes to show that darkness really is persistent.


Kind of a dark poem, but I was venting. Forgive me.