Story Prompt #12

You wake up to police officers and a random (insert preferred gender here). You’re confused at first, since you came home after a night of drinking with your friends.

“What are you doing in my apartment?”

Turns out it is not your apartment, but the stranger’s. Now yo have to try to explain that you were drunk and thought you were in your own apartment.

This is a fun prompt. You don’t have to be drunk, just imagine waking up in an apartment that is not yours. That sounds beyond scary. Write about it. Tag your story #gtl, I’d love to read it.


Story Prompt #11

Being a crazy fangirl is my speciality. Jk, but I do have my moments.

You were watching the new music video by your favourite musician and accidentally screamed into someone’s face (or do something as equally embarrassing) and they get pretty upset at you.

Who was/were the musician(s)? What happened that made you embarrass yourself? Did you and the person make up? Is that love I see in the air?

Tag your post #gtl. I’d love to read your stories later.


Story Prompt #10

The coffee shop cliché! But because it’s Halloween soon, let’s make it interesting.

A guy walks into the coffee shop that you work in and claims that you are his soul mate and you should go back together to the (insert supernatural being here) realm with him.

In the spirit of Halloween let’s spike up the creepiness factor. If the person claiming you’re their mate is a vampire, what about you include human slaves as well? Werewolf mate? Unexpected changes and midnight howls. Let’s be creative this October.

If you decide to use this prompt please tag it #gtl so that I can read your lovely tales.


Story Prompt #9

Your purse/wallet was stolen and he/she rescued it from the mugger, now you are his/her slave. Calm down guys, I mean you do things for them.

Write about your experience doing silly things for this person.

Do they make you massage their smelly feet? Do they force you to cook food you have never heard of? Do you give them piggy back because why not?

Be creative. This is the most overused cliché, but that does not mean that you can’t make it original.

If you decide to write this story please comment your link below or tag your story with #gtl.


Story Prompt #8

You are dead, but cannot pass over.

Oh my, how did that happen? Why was it happening? Maybe you cannot pass over because you need to save someone else and stop them from having the same fate as you. Maybe you have a desire deep down that, even in death, you cannot get rid of.

Write about the reason you cannot pass over.

The writing can also have why you died, how you died. Be creative, after all, you are dead.

If you decide to write about this prompt, please leave the link below or tag it with GTL.


Story Prompt #7

Your house keys are missing!

You get back home from work and you realise that you left your keys in the office. You are freaking out because it is late at night and finding a taxi is going to be difficult, also your office is locked.

Write about what you will do, who you will call or if you will be spending the night outside, fending yourself from the blood suckers (mosquitos, don’t fret) all night long.

Be creative. You don’t have to just write about being stuck outside, but you can write about your adventure at that creepy motel that you had to stay in, because it was the closest to your flat. Or maybe write about meeting a handsome stranger as you were booking a room for the night at the hotel. Or maybe this will be the perfect opportunity to sleep over at your crush’s house. You have no other choice, remember.


Story Prompt #6

You find a (insert favourite type of pet here) on the street one night after coming back from buying bread. You’re too kind hearted to just walk past it. So instead you take it home with you, even though you know that your parents would disapprove.

Write about your experiences as you try to hide the poor animal from your family.

Do you have to put it under your covers when your mother unexpectedly walks int your room? Does it make a lot of noise? Be creative! Try to make the story as close to realistic as possible.

I would like to read your stories if you write them. So please comment your link or tag your story #gtl so that I can easily find it.

Happy writing!