29 to 31 March 2k18 | Prompt

29 March Ever since I was young, I was told the same thing: "Don't stop until you can't anymore." So, technically, as told not to stop until I die. 30 March A single King can't stop a 100-year-old war. Or can he? 31 March The end...lol you wish.


22 to 28 March 2k19 | Prompts

22 March "The fight is about to begin!" 23 March A: "Life is not all about winning and losing." B: "Of course. It's just about winning!" 24 March "Trying one's best is not enough, especially if the name of your family is on the line." 25 March Year: 3337 Population: Hasn't been known since late [...]

15 – 21 March 2k19 | Prompts

15 March A: "Don't show this to anyone." B: "But, what about...?" A: "Or else you're dead." 16 March "Kings come and go, but the legends your hear are forever." 17 March Humans are in hiding, fearing for their lives, because the most indestructible of species has finally decided that it was their time to [...]