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If you want to get more of Noku out of the WordPress World you can find me on:

Twitter:  @I_am_Noku

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Blogger: Methinks I’m a wereman

By the site title you should already tell it is not a normal site. This is my other blogging site, which will only consist of random, mostly weird blog posts about life. In case you want to take a break from reading about writing.

Tumblr: The K-POP writer

This is where I write about my love for k-pop, k-drama, fan fiction and writing.


Wattpad: @I_am_Noku

Filled with stories written by me. Genres being chicklit, fantasy and fan fiction.


Emails are great if you want to make requests or just simply need some help. Be warned, though, if you ask me a question about writing and I feel that it needs it’s own blog post, then I will make one and then post it on the blog.

I believe in helping everyone in need, that meaning all the writers in need. That mostly means that the writing help blogs that I will post will not be to insult anyone, but just to help others who will gain from it.