GTL Tales

Enforcing 365 days of writing, sharing feelings and making worlds.

Tales is a collection of all the tales that I have written. They could be written because of story prompts that I found, or are just tales that I came up with. Countdown will also be here, seeing that it is a subcategory of Tales.

Countdown is a short story, which consists of ten chapters. It is mainly a story told in the first person’s point of view. I like it, especially because it feels like it could also be a diary entry. If you feel depressed by it, try going to Story Prompts and write something happy.

Story Prompts are where you can get motivation to write. I love story prompts because they are mostly motivating and help me when I hit an obstacle during writing my stories. If you choose my writing prompts, please tag #gtl and message me. I would love to read all your stories.

Book Reviews are just that. Whenever I decide to read a book, whether from Wattpad or an actual paperback or ebook, I will put it there and you can decide just how much you’d like to read the book afterwards.

Categoryless Tales are the tales that I believe do not have a specific category (in the ones that I have on the blog). These will be random, so don’t be too surprised when you see them.