Nameless Web Series

Nameless is a new web series by Noke L’Phang. It is about a woman who wakes in an unfamiliar place without any of her memories intact. This will be the story of how she goes by without her memories. With a lot of people hating her and the other half being hopelessly in love, she’s desperate to find out just what kind of person she is.

This is a suspense and action web series.


Nameless / Dawn Sarrow – Female lead -Protagonist

X – Xavier – Male lead – Protagonist

Dragomir Yankov – Antagonist. Bulgarian. In a love-hate relationship with Nameless.

Abdul – Go-to guy. Helicopter driver.

Aaron – Go-to guy. Driver (in general).

Katsu Aizawa -Antagonist. Japanese. Hates Nameless with all that he has.

Miguel Petit – Antagonist. Spanish. In love with Nameless. Psychopath.

Jase – Go-to guy. Living quarters.



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