The perfect drama memory

How Kdrama characters still remember that one memory from when they were five like it had happened yesterday, is still puzzling to me.

When I was five, I remember I did a few things, but nothing is clear, everything is just fuzzy. I am not even sure if it really did happen or I had dreamt it up. But I do know that remembering a whole event and then some from when you are five as an adult is difficult.

Not in Kdramas, though.

If anything, they are the epitome of perfect memories. I remember this one drama where the main characers had known each other from childhood, but only figured it out when they showed each others their mementos. At first I was like, awe so freaking cute. And then I was like, eh what?

They had exchanged their belongings when they were very young, probably between seven and ten. And then twenty years later they show each other their belongings and go, “it was fate!” While I was still in utter shock at how perfect they could remember the day and that they did not somehow throw their mementos away.

But, to be honest, their on point memories are what actually drive the plot. They help make the story more interesting, or in said drama’s case, make it awe inspiring.

In our stories it can actually help to drive it forward and make the reader come crawling for more. You just have to remember to make it believable. Like, two year old memories are taking it a bit too far. Unless if your character is a genius, then by all means.



Writing a mentally ill character

A moment of silence for the character you are thinking about right now.

So not all Kdramas have mentally ill characters. Others do (cough Cheese In The Trap cough). They appear in most dramas, but since it is not stated it would be very hard to state that the drama does, in fact, have characters that without a doubt need help.

I will make an example with a 2017 drama that I fell in love with, The Liar and his lover. In this series Joy’s character, Yoon So Rim had stage fright. She believed that if she does not have her trusted stuffed bird, Zeze, she will not be able to properly perfom.

This belief started when she was a child. Her mother gave her the bird and told her that it will help her perform better. But when her mother died, it left quite the emotional scar on her and she started to associate the bird with her mother.

She is, in a way, also mentally ill.

So, to clear things up, I am not talking about mental illness in a bad way. I am just explaining this to my understanding. We all have mental scars, no matter how small, that without the help of a mental professional might be hard to get rid of.

In the story I am writing, the most obvious person is not the girl we all love to hate, but the father of the female lead.

Since he lost his wife in a tragic accident, he tried his best to act tough in front of his daughter. But when she left for university he easily fell apart and changed to a completely different person. The main lead had to change varsities, thinking that being close to her father would help, but instead he stayed the same and is getting worse.

This character is very intense. I want him to be depressed, but I also want it to feel realistic so that I won’t put a whole bunch of people off.

The topic of mental illness can easily offend a whole bunch of people, that I would rather have enjoying my book instead. So to stop this tragedy from happening research is a must.

Since during NaNoWriMo it is fast paced, doing research during work/school breaks could go a long way. At least have basic knowledge of the illness that you are trying to portray. After the month of November, when you are going back to your book to edit, then you can do more research to make sure that everything you wrote is accurate.

Let’s try not to insult others with our writing. We write to make others smile (or cry, or ruin their whole sense of feeling), not to insult them.

Character sketches (Males)

The first male lead

  • Tourettes bound.
  • Tourettes get bad when he’s nervous (around the main girl).
  • Acts like an emotionless robot.
  • Actually emphasizes with the female lead a whole lot.
  • Is rich (Chaebol).
  • When he becomes closer to the female lead, he will show his embarrassment when his Tourettes act up.
  • Did I say he is rich?

The second male lead

  • Knows the main lead from college.
  • Also rich (because why not).
  • Teacher.
  • Sees the male lead as his rival in everything that he does.
  • What the main lead does he also wants to do.
  • Who the male lead loves he also loves.
  • It is an unintentional psychological reaction.

The men’s men

  • This is either men’s friends.
  • They will support the male leads when it is needed.
  • They will vouch for them and help them get the girl.
  • They hate the other guys as much as the other guys hate them.
  • Different personalities.

Female lead’s father

  • Drinks to relieve stress.
  • Got depressed after the female lead’s mother passed away because of a car accident.
  • Does not talk about his problems
  • Instead bottles up is feelings and suffers alone.
  • Lifestyle is worrying for his daughter who hates seeing him the way that he is.

Character sketches (Females)

My favourite part about K-dramas and stories is honestly the characters. Well rounded, relatable (sometimes we just imagine so) characters are all the rage. I live for that silly, unrich girl almost getting hit by a car moment because she was too shocked to even breathe. No seriously.

The main female lead

  • Emotional during the first few chapters.
  • Speaks her mind when she is not bawling her eyes out.
  • Daddy issues.
  • Introvert.
  • Plain Jane.
  • Student Teacher.

The girl we all love to hate

  • Knows the main lead from the past.
  • Beautiful, stylish, well educated, but could be sworn is the devil’s incarnate.
  • Mean, especially towards the female lead.
  • Acts like an angel and a half when with the male lead.
  • Is potentially dangerous to herself and everyone else.
  • High heels were made for fighting, not making walking another chore.

Mother in law

  • The male lead’s mother.
  • No filter between her mouth and brain.
  • Hates the female lead, even before they started dating she had been giving not-so-subtle hints about the male lead and the girl we all love to hate.
  • Favours the girl we love to hate because she has blue blood.

Best friend and then some

  • This is the female lead’s best friend.
  • She doesn’t not mind asking the awkward questions.
  • Is outgoing.
  • Has been friends with the female lead since high school and knows everything about her.
  • Encourages the female lead to go out with the boys.
  • Is not biased to any guy.

The younger sister

  • This is the male lead’s little sister.
  • She has about zero respect for her brother.
  • Makes fun of her brother when she is angry.
  • Is there for him whenever he falls apart.
  • Likes the female lead better than the girl we love to hate.

The plot line

Why exactly do we love the drama plotline? Because they are what got us into K-dramas in the first place!

A good plotline will make the readers come back for more, and if anything, will make you as the writer enjoy the writing of your story.

So first things first, I have to come up with a plotline. This might change as time goes on, since the writing process is actually how a good plotline is made. Whenever I delve into a new story, I always have a story drawn up in my mind, but as time goes on, even the characters change. Which is why they say: The story writes itself.

My plotline (Prompt):

A will have Tourettes syndrome (mild or extreme). At the mall, they will accidentally call B an insulting word and B will be obviously shook. B will react to the insult in a much more extreme way, mostly because they already had problems at home. They will probably run away crying.

Days/weeks will pass without A and B interacting or seeing each other. B will bump into A while crying in the park (or something as depressing). From then on their relationship will improve and they will get closer.

But K-dramas don’t just end there. There will also be C, who has an unrequited love for either A or B (depending on will be the female). Then there will be D, the one who will love the male, but he would obviously be busy being all over the girl. And then E, the crazy guy who no one believe is actually crazy. They will be the one kidnapping the girls, or stalking the one person they really love because “If I can’t have him/her, no one can!”

The plotline is still a bit clumsy, but it will improve as time goes on, of course. E will probably be merged into C or D, just to make the plotline more interesting.

NaNoWriMo 2017

It’s the first of November and we all know what that means, NaNoWriMo!

In layman’s term, NaNoWroMo is the abbreviation for National Novel Writing Month, where a writer should write a 50 000 word novel by the end of November. So that means roughly 1667 words per day. To me, that is like a chapter, or one scene on a good day.

For this wonderful challenge I have decided to join my two blogs, Good Tale Lover and Pohp! in the writing of this novel.

If you are a follower of both blogs, then it will be quite obvious that they are different from one another. Why I have decided to mix the two is because they are both about things that I like the most. The Korean culture and writing.

I am going to be basing my novel on K-dramas!

The characters will be set up to resemble those of K-dramas. The plot and scenery will differ, obviously, but not enough to remove the K-drama charm from it.

This is the first post in many where I will be explaining my writing journey in this stress filled month. I will also be writing advice to help people who are also writing stories.

Don’t worry, most of these posts are prewritten and I will have enough time to finish my 50 000 words.

Ready. Set. Write!

Story Prompt #10

The coffee shop cliché! But because it’s Halloween soon, let’s make it interesting.

A guy walks into the coffee shop that you work in and claims that you are his soul mate and you should go back together to the (insert supernatural being here) realm with him.

In the spirit of Halloween let’s spike up the creepiness factor. If the person claiming you’re their mate is a vampire, what about you include human slaves as well? Werewolf mate? Unexpected changes and midnight howls. Let’s be creative this October.

If you decide to use this prompt please tag it #gtl so that I can read your lovely tales.