How to deal with depression, sadness and all these stupid feelings | Being a writer

Depression, a feeling common, but usually ignored. At least one out of two people (facts from my brain guys) have suffered or experienced extreme sadness and depression. I become sad all over again every time I believe I am starting to be happy. I like to blame myself for my sad feelings and tell myself [...]


Becoming a murderer | Gtl writing tips

Every writer will see the headline of this post and go "Ah..." because we've all been in the situation where we have to choose if we should kill a character and how. I mean, finding a way to kill my characters is what I live for, but sometimes it becomes pretty obvious that the killing [...]

When there’s too much on your plate | Gtl writing tips

Starting a blog is easy. Just think of an idea, put it in writing and then publish. Writing a book is even easier. Same concept but it gets more complicated when it comes to publishing. What about YouTube? My daily life consists of me trying to convince myself that I am great at multitasking and [...]

How to poem | Gtl writing tips

I consider myself to be a poet, but that's what all writers considers themselves. Am I right? No, but seriously. It was a while before I decided that I could write some decent poetry. I remember my father once found one of my poems insulting since I technically outed parents everywhere (I was still in [...]

National book lover’s day! | Gtl writing tips

Today is Woman's day here in South Africa and us women are enjoying the benefits. I mean, so are the men because today is a public holiday and all. What I did not know until the radio so graciously told us; today is also Book Lover's day. Shocking. So I will dedicate this post to [...]

How dramas manage to make us cry and how to use it in your writing | Gtl writing tips

I don't have a TV where I live at the moment, so all I can do is binge on dramas. Not good for my grades, but excellent to feed the drama craving. And also great for when I feel like crying. If you watch a lot of dramas, you agree with me there. Dramas are [...]