Falling out of writing | Being a writer

I've stopped writing. Not completely. As seen on Gtl, I'm doing daily prompts for my readers just so that I can have something for them while I get myself together. I feel hopeless because I can't write good enough stories anymore. I've fallen for poetry. Mostly because in poetry there are no rules and no [...]


It’s been dry | Being a writer

So I have been MIA and I sincerely apologise. I'm thinking about ways to make this blog fun again. Also, I am leh-ay-zie. I've been so busy this year and I lost all of my motivation to write. I've written a few short stories and a fanfiction, but that is about it. I know I [...]

How to deal with depression, sadness and all these stupid feelings | Being a writer

Depression, a feeling common, but usually ignored. At least one out of two people (facts from my brain guys) have suffered or experienced extreme sadness and depression. I become sad all over again every time I believe I am starting to be happy. I like to blame myself for my sad feelings and tell myself [...]

I finally completed Call her Jagiya | Being a writer

I just finished writing my Wattpad story, Call her Jagiya. I'm so conflicted right now. I don't want this to be the last time that I see my characters, but I know that carrying on with the series will ruin the overall story and I don't want that. The thing about writing is that I [...]

How to poem | Gtl writing tips

I consider myself to be a poet, but that's what all writers considers themselves. Am I right? No, but seriously. It was a while before I decided that I could write some decent poetry. I remember my father once found one of my poems insulting since I technically outed parents everywhere (I was still in [...]