Behind: I am getting married.

I felt self conscious today. This was a thought I got as I was bringing myself up again. I’m telling myself that no matter how bad I think I am, I am not. Not really.


I am getting married.

I. Am. Getting. Married. What the hell? My brain was also confused. I was alone for a very long time and my fiá, my future husband realised that I needed someone like him in my life. He was a light, giving me warmth during my dark and cold days. So cliche. I was looking [...]

Becoming a murderer | Gtl writing tips

Every writer will see the headline of this post and go "Ah..." because we've all been in the situation where we have to choose if we should kill a character and how. I mean, finding a way to kill my characters is what I live for, but sometimes it becomes pretty obvious that the killing [...]