Truths | Poetry

Unfamiliar Four dimensional Innermost unsaid truths Buried deep Kept safe deep down Where no one will dare explore Once were they out for most to see and discover who I really was. But now I'm changed from who I was who i've been but am seen the same. My heart broken torn left right everywhere [...]


Blooming Fate | Poetry

Planted in the deep pits of my heart. Slowly growing, blooming to a love filled, worry petalled flower of fate. With each painful petal falling moment experienced, a stem growing opportunity blossoms. Sprouting hope seedlings and replanting faith regrown into ambition. Sometimes ripped and shredded this life flower can last through storms. Pulled, swayed from [...]

How to poem | Gtl writing tips

I consider myself to be a poet, but that's what all writers considers themselves. Am I right? No, but seriously. It was a while before I decided that I could write some decent poetry. I remember my father once found one of my poems insulting since I technically outed parents everywhere (I was still in [...]