Not a good writer. | Being a writer

I have been told, a while ago, that my grammar needs to be tweaked. I was told to read more, so that I can actually understand when I make little grammatical errors. And that made me realise that I am not as good of a writer as I had thought. I write, almost as much [...]


I just have so many thoughtsss | Being a writer

This post is two months overdue. You'll realise the irony of that as you read on.The 3 S's were intentional. That’s how much unstable thoughts are floating in my head. I have so much that I want to do and I gave myself a deadline for 28 February, which, as I write this post, I’ve [...]

15 – 21 March 2k19 | Prompts

15 March A: "Don't show this to anyone." B: "But, what about...?" A: "Or else you're dead." 16 March "Kings come and go, but the legends your hear are forever." 17 March Humans are in hiding, fearing for their lives, because the most indestructible of species has finally decided that it was their time to [...]