Fake | Poetry

Fake, it's what they call me I smile too much I laugh a lot I am too friendly I should stop being fake   But I was my true self the me that made me happy The me that made others happy But they said I should stop   So I did


Gtl Prompt #11

Being a crazy fangirl is my speciality. Jk, but I do have my moments. You were watching the new music video by your favourite musician and accidentally screamed into someone's face (or do something as equally embarrassing) and they get pretty upset at you. Who was/were the musician(s)? What happened that made you embarrass yourself? [...]

National book lover’s day!

Today is Woman's day here in South Africa and us women are enjoying the benefits. I mean, so are the men because today is a public holiday and all. What I did not know until the radio so graciously told us; today is also Book Lover's day. Shocking.  So I will dedicate this post to [...]