How to deal with depression, sadness and all these stupid feelings. | Being a writer

Depression, a feeling common, but usually ignored. At least one out of two people (facts from my brain guys) have suffered or experienced extreme sadness and depression. I become sad all over again every time I believe I am starting to be happy. I like to blame myself for my sad feelings and tell myself [...]


What happened last night?

It was painful. It was sweaty. It was slow and then fast and then slow again. It was loud. It was a blissful night. I was aching everywhere when I woke up. I pouted, ready to be the whiney bitch that I always was. What good would it be if I cried when there was [...]

Writing a mentally ill character | NaNoWriMo 2017

A moment of silence for the character you are thinking about right now. So not all Kdramas have mentally ill characters. Others do (cough Cheese In The Trap cough). They appear in most dramas, but since it is not stated it would be very hard to state that the drama does, in fact, have characters [...]

The Setting | NaNoWriMo 2017

The era, time of the year and month are the underrated parts about Kdramas. People don’t understand that there is a reason the drama takes place in the winter. There is a reason it takes place during the Joseon Dynasty. This is all to make the tone of the story more interesting. For example, someone [...]